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These patches will convert Nascar 3 and Legends Tracks to work in Nascar 2 and N99. We'd like to thank BST, C2C, Ron Costin, and TEP for allowing us to update their tracks for N2/99. You will need the base track for these conversions to work.

TEP     C2C     BST      Costin's

Track Base Track


NL Riverside
Sebring C2C's N3 original
Mosport GPL converted to N3 Mosport
Sears Point 97 TEP's N3 original
Sears Point 01 TEP's N3 original
Sears Point 02 TEP's N3 original
Willow Springs TEP's N3 original
Birmingham TEP's N3 original
Bowman Gray NL Bowman Gray
Greenville NL Greenville
Indy Raceway Park N3 IRP
Thompson NL Thompson
California N3 California
Delaware Speedway BST's N3 Original (makes night also)
Chicagoland Costin's N3 Chicagoland
Corby TEP's N3 original
Ford Test Track TEP's N3 original
Indy Motor Speedway N3 IMS
Kansas BST's N3 Original
Kentucky BST's N3 Original
Las Vegas N3 Las Vegas
New England N3 New England
Ontario NL Ontario
Texas N3 Texas
Trenton TEP's N3 original