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These patches will do a number of things. Some get rid of that pesky pit wall, others fix some software graphics problems. A couple even add some new updated graphics for you to enjoy. You need the original files for these to work. Thanks to TEP for allowing us to update some of their stuff.

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Patch Description

Desert Winds

Software Graphics Patch

Riverside Software Graphics Patch
Sears 99 Software Graphics Patch
Night Atlanta (N2) Night Patch
Atlanta Pit wall Removal
Charlotte Pit wall Removal
Corby Software Graphics Patch
Darlington Pit wall Removal
Daytona Infield Logo Patch
Las Vegas Pit wall Removal
Las Vegas (pic) Dale Earnhardt #3 Memorial Patch
Night Charlotte Pit wall Removal
Talladega Pit wall Removal
Watkins Glen Chicane Removal
Texas Pit wall Removal