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 This was fanof6's second try and he kinda got himself in over his head. This place had a number of errors in it, some of which I had to fix just to take the pictures. I fixed the problem with the background so the trees don't do that slide thingy and put in marty's old concrete. I tried to change the dirt surface but soon realized with only 4 crappy colors of brown in the pallate, Fanof6 had the right idea. I found the AI to be way to slow so I upped the rels line. I stopped short of fixing where the AI cut you off in the corners though. The increased speed seemed to help this out enough. I also reset the qual speed to be a little more competetive, I hope it is. Not to make it sound like Fanof6 really screwed anything up here. He was kinda screwed from the beginning; he had an N3 based track that was converted to N2 and had some stuff in there that was totally messing him up. He did alright given what he had.


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