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My first real attempt. Turned out pretty good. I upped the banking 20 degrees so its wide open and I made it a single file start, trust me, it's better that way. Just unzip it to your tracks directory and add it to your calendar.
  Now for D3D If you have it and aren't running D3D, don't worry. If you are running D3D, its all there. If you don't have it and aren't running D3D, it will still work like it always did. For those of you who know of Anonymous and his posts at SRC about my using a bank editor, well, he's the guy who made the patch. I guess that means we're on good terms now.
  Changed the graphics and fixed the AI (I think). I changed so much I just zipped the whole thing so before you unzip it, delete the old track. If you haven't downloaded the original, don't bother, you don't need it, that's why the old link no longer works. If for some reason, you want the old version email me.


Major Speedway Track Zip Download