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  Daytona RC has been released short of completion in order for you to run the 24 hours. Future updates will hopefully follow. This track is fairly well untested but everything seems to be working fine. AI have their quarks and pitting was an issue. Everything seems fine now, although you can push a car outside the walls in some spots and I highly advise you not try to pass in the inner loop. On the other side of this, I'm not a very good road racer myself so the AI probably wouldn't get a whole lot better than it is. There are many ways to sim the 24 hours, I haven't the slightest idea which is best. I figure those of you simming it, know how to set up your track accordingly. Day and Night versions available. Good luck and have fun.

UPDATE:  Savatoon has donated some time to making this track look a little better for N99 users. Since so many files were repainted and the effects can be seen in all games and versions, I've just reposted the updated zips so use the 2 links below and overwrite your original verisons.



Day Daytona RC zip file Download
Night Daytona RC zip file Download
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