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  With the permission of the original author, Tjerk, I have converted and the historic Norisring for use in N3. This is more of a direct conversion, I did nothing to the graphics but make them work in N3. I did redo the AI out of necessity.

The Norisring
For ICR2/CART Racing
-Brought to you by Tjerk de Heer-
With crucial assistance of Brian Fox and Sander Maas

This track has been in development for a couple of months now. It was the first track that I started when I got back
into ICR2 editing but for a number of reasons its release was postponed time after time. It's finally completely ready for racing.

Most of the objects in the track were borrowed from the Norisring for Grand Prix Legends created by Lou Magyar. A
big thanks goes out to him for letting me use the objects [and creating them in the first place, excellent job].
Visit his website with GPL tracks here:

Thanks go out to the following people:

Brian Fox
Sander Maas
Lou Magyar for the excellent Grand Prix Legends track, especially the objects ;)
Dave Noonan for the GPL -> N3 and N99 ->ICR2 converters allowing me to convert the objects from Lou's track to ICR2.


Norisring track installer Download
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