Night Daytona 2004

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 This update to Night Daytona only includes the dat file. With the variety of AI patches and other extras available, I felt it best to leave those up to you. Patches like the lake and victory lane are not included and probably will not work on this track. Also, I do not know who the original creator of this track is (besides Papy) but I believe it was posted at Coast to Coast. Finally, I would like to thank Pontiacfan for letting me use his awesome horizon 3do. This track is very hard on graphics but everything will turn off with it's assigned texture/object setting...

For the lite version, unzip to it's own folder, ntonalit, and copy over all the other files from your ndaytona folder. rename the ndaytona.txt to ntonalit.txt and update your cal file acordingly


Night Daytona Speedway Track Zip  
Night Daytona Speedway lite Track Zip  
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