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Words to know: The track editor's dictionary

Dat file- contains most of the information for a track. All graphical and physical aspects are kept in this file.

LP file- contains the information that sets the line, speed, and rotation of the opponent cars

Position - within the lp file, it means the line the cars will take around the track. all values are relative to the centerline of the track

Speed- within the lp files, it sets the average, goal speed of the opponent cars

Coralis Force- within the lp files it means the rotation of the car on the position line, I think!

Center Line- the center line of the track as defined by the trk file. You aren't ready to do anything with this yet, you just need to be aware of it for the lp files.

3do file- contains the entire layout for the track graphics.

trk file- contains the entire layout for the physical aspects of the track

cam/scr file- contains the positioning for the cameras for the track in replay mode

mip/mi4/m16 file- contains the textures for the track graphics. mip files are 8 bits, mi4's are 4 bits, and m16 are 24 bits in bmp format. Mi4's have shown to hold no value of yet so they can be deleted if you feel so inclined. M16 files use a different pallate with many more colors on it. As a result, the file size is much larger. These files are used for N3 tracks but their editing is the same as the mip so they will be covered in this section

track txt file- contains variouse track information not held in the other parts of the track. Sim Cyber World has a very good description of this file at their site: SCW/TEP

calendar file- you will need to add your track to a calendar file, probably the file which can be opened in Notepad, so your track will show up in the game.

Rels line- In the track.txt file, it determines the speed of the AI relative to the lp files in a percentage. Higher number, faster the AI.

BLAP line- In track.txt, it determines the qualifying time of the opponent cars. number is in seconds without the decimal point but goes to the third decimal place.