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Here's a tutorial I wrote up describing how to add this to you're N2 track so it looks a little better in N3.

Items you will need: Doodat, winmip, 3doed, a paint program of some sort, and maybe a hex editor.

To add the flagman:

    1. Find a flagstand in N3/NL that you like or that most closely resembles the one you will be replacing. You have to replace the flagstand to add the flagman.

    2. Open the track.dat containing the flagstand you want using doodat.

    3. Sort the items by type. then extract the flagbox.3do, flagger.3do, and flagman.3do and scroll down in doodat and find the sections containing the .srb's. Extract all of the bwflag**.srb's and xflag**.srb's.

    4. Open up the flagbox.3do using the hex editor. Scroll down till you see a group of words. Two of these words will be flagger and flaggerd. If there are other words by them, you need to reopen the .dat file and extract those files. They will most likely be .mip files but I've seen a few cases where other 3do's are required. all 3do's need to be opened up in a hex editor and all corresponding files (found as described just above) need to be extracted from the .dat file. If .mip files were required by the flagbox.3do (or other 3do) extract the sunny.pcx file as well. There will be two files in flagger and flaggerd files that the game provides to tell which flag to display.

    5. Now open up the .dat file for the N2 track you wish to add the flagman to. Make sure it has a flagbox.3do file in it. If it doesn't, look for another file that has the flagbox it in (it might be under another name for some reason). If you can't find one, you're screwed, well, not really, but you probably won't be able to fix it. Anyway, if you had .mip files from the other (N3) flagbox, extract the sunny.pcx file to a directory other than that of where you put the files from the other .dat.

    6. (if you had .mip's) a. Copy those .mip files from the new flagbox to the directory with the N2 track's sunny.pcx file.

        b. Use winmip to convert those files to bmp's using the N2 track's sunny.pcx pallate (just click on N2 sunny).

        c. Go back to the original files and use winmip to convert those files to bmp's using the N3 track's sunny.pcx pallate (just click on N2 sunny again).

        d. If you were to open one of the bmp's from the original, and then the same bmp from the copied mip, they'd look different. (If, for some reason, they don't, you either screwed up or got lucky. Just carry them along with the flag.srb's)

        e. Opening up the bmp's from the N3 track using the paint program, copy the picture. Then open the corresponding bmp from the N2 track. They should look similar, the colors on the N2 will just be kinda screwed up. Paste the N3 pic into the N2 pic. Now they look the same, or close enough to it. Psp3+ usually does the best job at this, MS paint doesn't.

        f. Do this for all mip's, util they all look the same from N2 to N3.

        g. Using winmip, take the bmp's and convert them back to mip's.

        h. Now delete those mip files from the N3 area and move the ones from the N2 area over to the N3 area. You want to keep the ones that have the N2 track's pallate and get rid of the ones that have the N3 track's pallate. You now have mip files that will look right when you add them to the game.

    7. Take all those files from the N3 area and add them to the N2 track's .dat file.

    8. Now go into the game and see how it looks. If you did everything right, the new flagbox and flagman should be there and everything should look good. If it isn't, you may not have done anything wrong. Open up the dat file and extract all the files (preferably to a subdirectory) and then open the track.3do in 3doed and see where the flagbox is placed. you may have to move it for it to show up. If the colors are messed up in the game, go back and redo the mip files. If the game crashes, try readding the flagbox and files and make sure that you have all the files. (also, if the flagbox was named something different, as mentioned in step 5, you need to rename the flagbox.3do to whatevery the N2's flagmox 3do was named.)

Hopefully, you now have a flagman in your N2 track. I'm workin on the white draw ahead, tiger stripes, and groove but it ain't lookin too good for them.