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Here's a description of the flavors I know in the 3do file. The 2nd column of every flavor is the id#

Flavor 2:  contains polygons, 3rd column is type (0=untextures 1 = textured 3=groove) 4th column is color as defined by the sunny.pcx, 5th is number of points/vertecies, and the next columns are for those points (refers to vertex file), then all the rest of the columns are for mip coordinates (type 1 and 3 only).
Flavor 4: contains call tos to other flavors. 3rd column tells how many call to's there are, the rest are the call to's.
Flavor 5: contains textures for type 1 and 3 Flavor 2's. 3rd column is a call to to the flavor 2 it is texturing, 4th is the type of texture I usually use 5, 6th is 0, 7th is the texture offset as listed in the FIL section, and 8th is usually 0.

Flavor 10: I only know what the 6th column is, defines wall location, used for draw through.

Flavor 13: contain the position of the 3do, first 6 numbers are those that show up in the 3do edittor. next number just has to have 5 digits, I usually us 65565, last number calls to the flavor 14 that comes right before it.
Flavor 14: defines what the object is, first number is the bite offset, second is usually 0
Flavor 15: 3rd column is starting length of 3do section, 4th is inside wall position, 5th is ending position of segment, and 6th is outside wall postion
Flavor 16: contains progressive starting distances for 3do segments.
Flavor 21: I believe contains 2 points and draws a line from one to the other at either a predefined color or thickness.