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Here's a tutorial I wrote up describing how to add these to you're N2 track so it looks a little better in N3.

Items you will need: Doodat, winmip, 3doed, a paint program of some sort, and maybe a hex editor.

To add the lights:

    1. Open any track.3do in N3 and find the stoplgt.3do. All tracks have the same lights. If you want some options, go to NL, it should work the same.

    2. Using the hex editor, open up the 3do and see what other files it requires. Usually, it will only be one file, the stoplgt.mip. There is another file listed but it is supplied by the game, don't worry about it. Go back to the 3do and extract the .mip file.

    3. a. Copy those .mip files from the new flagbox to the directory with the N2 track's sunny.pcx file.

        b. Use winmip to convert those files to bmp's using the N2 track's sunny.pcx pallate (just click on N2 sunny).

        c. Go back to the original files and use winmip to convert those files to bmp's using the N3 track's sunny.pcx pallate (just click on N2 sunny again).

        d. If you were to open one of the bmp's from the original, and then the same bmp from the copied mip, they'd look different. (If, for some reason, they don't, you either screwed up or got lucky. Just carry them along with the flag.srb's)

        e. Opening up the bmp's from the N3 track using the paint program, copy the picture. Then open the corresponding bmp from the N2 track. They should look similar, the colors on the N2 will just be kinda screwed up. Paste the N3 pic into the N2 pic. Now they look the same, or close enough to it. Psp3+ usually does the best job at this, MS paint doesn't.

        f. Do this for all mip's, util they all look the same from N2 to N3.

        g. Using winmip, take the bmp's and convert them back to mip's.

        h. Now delete those mip files from the N3 area and move the ones from the N2 area over to the N3 area. You want to keep the ones that have the N2 track's pallate and get rid of the ones that have the N3 track's pallate. You now have mip files that will look right when you add them to the game.

    4. Now to get those lights in the game. This ain't gonna be the easiest part by any means.

        a. You need to open the track.3do in 3doed and look around at the seperate 3do's. Since there weren't any lights in there before, you're gonna have to replace something else to get them in.
        b. Try to find a 3do that has been inserted into the track multiple times, ie: there might be an RV that shows up a couple of times in turn 1 and then a few more in turn 2 and 3 and 4...

        c. Double click on that rv (or other file, I'm using rv cuz it'll be the most likely) and select the object info button. Note the name of the 3do.

        d. Exit out of 3doed and go to the folder containing all the N2 track's files.

        e. Delete the file that was the RV.

        f. Now go back to the N3 track's file and grab that light. Rename it to whatever the RV was named and bring it over to the folder with the N2 track's files.

        g. Reopen the track.3do in 3doed and check that the stoplight shows up in place of the RV. If it does, you're down to the boring part of this project.

        h. Double click on one of the lights and select the object info button. Change the x y z axis numbers until you get the light onto the wall where you wanted it.

        i. Rinse and repeat until all lights are in desired location. You may have to rotate the files on the z axis (right hand side of object info pop-up box) so they face the track. Try to keep each light in the general area of where the RV was so it shows up.

    5. Update the 3do and go into N3 to see if the lights work. Remember, they only work during the race and qualifying.

Hopefully, you now have working lights in your N2 track.