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For everyone that wants to know how to make AI for your length editted track

Programs you will need and where to get them:

LP Editor from The Pits (I use the latest version with the replay to LP editor)

Steps To Editting the LP Files

Ok. This is really easy...hehe.

1. Using the basic lp editor, go in and save the original lp files as txt files.

2. Then go into the new folder with the txt files and open one of the 10 files. You'll see that there are a bunch of numbers. Each line is called a record.

3. To find the number of records you need, take the total number of records in one txt file and multiply it by the number you used to lengthen or shorten the track. Round up.

4. Once you know how many records are needed move the original lp files into a new sub folder. Don't leave any lp files in the main track directory.

5. Then go into the lp editor and type in the name of the track. It will ask you if you want to make new lp files. Select yes and type in the number of records you found the track needs. Exit saving both lp's and txt files.

6. Then go into the game and select testing session. Try running one lap near the very bottom all the way around, one lap all around the top and one lap in the middle of the two. Save the replay and remember which laps are which.

7. Now, use the replay editor to make new txt files containing the new data.

8. Rename the new txt file containing the bottom line lap to maxrace.txt and make 2 copies named maxpanic.txt and pit.txt. Rename the middle lane laps to pass1, pass2, race, and pace. Rename the higher lane lap to minrace and minpanic.

9, Run these thru lp editor opening txt files and saving both.

10. Now go into the game and make sure everyhting is all right. The cars should run in a straight line all the way around. If they just sit where they started and go side to side relly fast, you may need some more records in your lp files. You won't have to remake the replay because it uses the txt files in the lpedit subfolder. You will have to remake the trafo files (txt files made by replay editor) so just run the replay editor again.

Everything from here on is more basic editing.

1. Maxpanic: To make the maxpanic lp/txt file, run a lap next to the inside wall and right next to the pit wall. I did a very simple trick here. Run right next to the inside wall all the way around, forget the pit wall (and the speed for now). Then make another lap setting out where the pit wall is. Try to make a "reference point" so you know where the wall starts and where it is for position #. When you get back into the txt files, use the inside wall file as the base file. Then add the position for the pit wall on the records it takes up. Make the speeds all 40 or so.

2. Maxrace: Run a lap right around the bottom of where you want the cars to run the possible lowest during the race. High banking- right along white line, low banking- I'd say bottom of apron. Also set a speed that will keep everyone moving. Just a few sec/ about 10 mph off race, pass1, pass2.

3, Minpanic: Run a lap on the wall. Hit the wall and don't come off it. And don't stop either. Set speed to about 40-50mph

4, Minrace: Using a spreadsheet, put about .05 (pretty sure you have to add) more room between the postion line and the wall.

5, Pit: Run a lap on warmup lanes and on pit road. Set pit speed here as well as in txt file and don't accelerate/ decelerate too quickly. I can testify that this one is tough.

6. pace: run right down the center of the track. Make the speed in between the race speed and caution speed. If the cars hit the wall in the game, move them closer together in the track txt file with the PaceA line. Check sim cyber World for a list of definitions for the track txt file.

7, pass1, pass2, race: Run a good line, Worry about speed later. I usually run one low lane lap, one middle lane lap, and one high lane lap and then distribute them to either pass1, pass2, or race. Next I run some fast laps. I take the fastest and put it with the high lane, the next fastest with the middle and 3rd with the low. This balences them out and will help keep them bunched up. I used to use the exact same speeds for all three but found this works better. You may need to swich which file is which as the game reads each one slightly differently. Sometimes the track itself, reads them differently.

8, Spot1: Oh boy, you gonna have fun here. This one is exceptionally difficult to edit. You'll probably spend weeks on it. Then again, you could just as easily forget it because N3 don't use it. lol Seriously, you don't need it, just leave it alone. BTW, I find using the maxrace file works best as the occasional spotter text becomes out of place