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M16's allow for higher graphic bits and a better looking track. for all instances but track texture, the M16 will be the same size as the mip. You must have the mip for software mode. Use winmip2, winmip1 will not work on M16 files. if an M16 already exists, use it. if not, you'll need the hex editor to open the 3do and change the texture name to all caps. don't add or subtract letters, just CAPS. then convert the mip to bmp and make the bmp 16million colors. open winmip2, open the bmp, and it should let you save it as an M16. set the sub_im to 0 and if the file has invisible color 0 (black) slect type 4 and click on the invisible black part to set the color. This has not worked in all situations but that might be a problem on my part cuz it should.