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you'll need n3def from BB&B, N2 decompiler and recompiler from BB&B, and Microsoft Excel

1. open Excel
2. go to open file
3. select the flavor.def file
4. select delimited and hit next
5. select space and hit finish
6. highlight the first 5 lines, right click, delete (can't have spaces between lines in the file)
7. the first column consists of FILE down until you hit a space, then it turns into FLxx. change those FILE's to FIL's... get rid of the E at the end
8. go up to the A tab and highlight the entire first column
9. find what: FL Replace with: F click replace all
10. delete the space between the FIL and Fxx sections by highlighting the row, right clicking, and delete
11. save the file and close it

12. now open the vertex def file the same way you did the flavor file and delete the first 5 lines again.
13. rename the VERTICES: box to TYP 2
14. under that, type VTX and use the fill option to fill the entire first column with VTX
15. now go down to the bottom of the spread sheet
16. there's a section down there titled NORMALS, you might have to scroll up a bit.
17. that entire section, everything from NORMALS: down, gets deleted
18. save the file and close it

you should be ready to recompile the 3do

19. make sure the 2 def files are in the same folder as the def23do.exe (n2 recompiler)
20. you'll need either a batch file or a command prompt, if using the command prompt, make sure you're in the right directory.
21. type in def23do new.3do and hopefully, it'll recompile the 3do.

if there's a file called offsets left in the folder, there was a problem. hopefully it'll show the recompile process. mine only does if it's a really big 3do. If there's a problem, the recompile program will display an error number in the upper right. You can try openeing the file in question and searching for the error number. sometimes, it will take you to a broken call to or id value. this might help you figure out what went wrong. Also, try opening the flavor.def file, scrolling down to the first fxx line (F16 4), and scrolling out to the end. On big tracks, excell will sometimes change the very last value in the line on you. make sure the last number is the same as the number right before it. Any other problems tend to be unique so you'll need to email me and hopefully I can help you.