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Getting Started

Download the account wizard from here: http://www.won.net/ then set up your id. Go into the game, enter your id info, highlight join and internet, and pick your car from the multi.lst. Enter into the alpha arena. Any races will be listed as well as anyone in the room. for XP users, if your name doesn't show up in the members area, type /chat in the chat box. Double click a race to join.


First of all, controllers don't run as fast as wheels and just about everyone online uses a wheel, so if you're using a controller, stay in the back. In fact, all first time racers should stay in the back for their first few races, learn the line, make some friends.

Blocking is worse than wrecking to some, and a few people take this really seriously. Run your line and give plenty of room if someone's going to pass. You can't race like you're against the AI, it just doesn't work.

Pickup races most nights from 8 pm to midnight, eastern.

Thunder Racing Series

To see these cars online, simply add them to your multi.lst

Mistycreek's online car - 06/07

Mistycreek's 2008 online cars

pic 1 - pic 2

RRob138's car - 2008

Want your car available for others? Email it to me and I'll post it here.

I'd like to compile some good setups so everyone can compete on a more even level, but first I need some good setups. As for the few good setups I do have, they're still getting beat by questionable speed differences...

Somebody, anybody, send some setups for me to post.