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I have no permission to post any of these files but I don't really care and I doubt anyone else will. These files will be removed immediately upon request by any individuals who have any reasonable control over them. That said, here's a kick in the crotch to NO PIRACY...


Author Download
Mistycreek Original Programs Mistycreek  
N3 TRK Edit (N3def version)   zip file
N3 Sandbox   msi file
Other Useful Programs    
N3 1204 patch -no trucks Papy Executable
N3 1217 patch -w/ trucks Papy Executable
NL 1204 patch Papy Executable

The Pits Touring Car Championship

The Pits Executable

The Pits Trans Am Patch

The Pits Executable
N2<->ICR2 Converter David Noonan zip file
Doodat v1.3 Tim Medcalf Executable
N1/ICR-N3/ICR2 3do edit David Noonan zip file
N3 3do banker don't know zip file
N3 Camera Editor don't know zip file
N3<->NL converter Nigel Paterson zip file
GPL -> N3 converter Dave Noonan zip file
ICR2/N2->GPL full converter Dave Noonan zip file
GPL dat maker don't know zip file
GPL reverse v1.2 don't know zip file
ICR2->N1 converter Gerhard Lingenberg zip file
N1->ICR2 converter Gerhard Lingenberg zip file
N1->ICR2 converter color fix don't know zip file
Horizons don't know zip file
N2 Def tools Marcello Bassino zip file
N3 Def tools Chas Bornemann zip file
LP Edit 4.5 with replay converter Robert Szikszo zip file