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Since you already know how to build a track, you can now learn what else you can do to further develop that track. Some things, such as painting mips, can't really be taught, the ability can only be bettered through time and experience. Other things like adding files to a track... Now that's somethin I can show ya.

converting an N3 3do def file to N2 for recompiling

making a new fence for N2/3 tracks

basic flavor desriptions

adding an object to a track

Adding an N3 flagman and flagstand to an N2 track for use in N3

Adding working track condition lights to an N2 track for use in N3

Length editting tracks: These files were privided by Justin9. Once you read through them a few hundred times, email me when you can't get it to work. I need to know which of several problems has you tied up and each tends to be unique so I need to do this on an individual basis. An addition to the instructions

Making AI for Length editted tracks.

Making a track the same banking the whole way around

Making M16's for use instead of mips

Moving the physical walls of a track